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will let us know if the power company has the lights back onto a townsend neighborhood. we are live where they have a staging area for the hundreds of crews from out of state and country. we want to start with wyatt who spent the night tracking the skies. >> we got lucky. a alarm cluster of storms push into frederick, a severe thunderstorm warning then they diminished into baltimore. however, there are more storms out there tonight and much more heat and humidity to fuel them. take a look at the radar right now and you can see that although things relatively clear around here and that initial storm cluster passing to the south, clearing the area, what we have is more storm development up in northwest everybody pennsylvania. a new line of storms that will dive south as we work through the rest of the evening. will they maintain their strength? where will they go? it's to early to say. the chance of storms early tonight and through the day on the 4th. heat index values still feeling like 90-ton. it's tough conditions for those without power. the humidity continues to increase. we will keep
. >> that intense heat led to the threat of some intense storms tonight, but they missed most of us this time. >> there's not a demographic for heroin. >> we are exposing the new face of heroin addiction. >> we begin tonight from a look from ken island. you can look at the bay bridge in the background. traffic was not moving there tonight because of the wind advise ray, but it looks like the storms gave off to a cooler evening. >> what's going on overnight. >> record breaking heat is fueling the storms. i think we're going to be hotter than average tomorrow, but no where near the heat we had to face today. what an intense line it was when you saw this come out of the areas, especially across the chesapeake. how would you like to land in this, two different lightning strikes right over the airport. what helped fuel the storms? right here, 107 downtown. you kidding me? we hit a new record at bwi. the good news is we look relatively storm free overnight over than a stray shower or two, and by the way, when storms come through like they did today, you can download our storm shield app and find ou
a partially paralyzed man with a need to charge a wheelchair. like so many of us he's been without power since friday night. you >> you have to have the out let to plug in. i can't get around to do anything that has to be done. >> reporter: neighbor kathy has bronchitis and asthma. >> i'm on inhalers i've had to use these more because we only have -- don't have a generator working. >> reporter: she slept in the lobby last night but seeing her friends get carried out is emotional. >> people have gone out in ambulances. >> reporter: we saw crews out working but the governor said this weekend it could take well into the week to bring everyone back online. if you slept through it friday night, you had a rude awakening, the rain wind thunder lightning were violent. the storms left us with 6000 outages, about half of their customers. >> we've been through hurricanes and we haven't seen this. >> reporter: and we're back live now, but it's so dark down below that i have to tell you what you're looking at. there's a large tree that has been blocking the road since friday night when those violent storms
batman movie. james holmes watched the movie and then got up and used his phone and went outside to get his weapons and gear one a bullet proof vest, a helmet, gas mask and gear covering his throat, legs and tactical gloves. he went back inside to the front of the theater and threw two green cans. >> i saw smok . >> then he shot up in the air and everybody started panicking. he came down with his gun in my face. he was like three feet away. i was terrified. i jumped forward into the ace example buried myself in there and tried to hide and he shot people behind me. >> reporter: a victim a mother was hit in the leg. >> i just remember thinking i'm not going to die in here. we are not going to die in here. >> reporter: it was chaos. the suspect went up and down the aisle using part of afternoon arsenal and two pistols. police caught him in the parking lot. he warns officers it was booby trapped. . >> i have never seen anything like what the pictures show us is in there. >> on sunday the family and friends will hold a individual it and tomorrow investigators will return to the apartmen
-vegetarian diet including corn, soybeans, and marigolds. we actually ask the usda to come check us. we have never fed steroids or hormones and never will. no blood meal, no meat and bone meal. yuck. no animal by-products. it means when you put my chicken on the table, you know where it came from. >>> now abc 2 news at 11. >>> it worked just like the law was rent in in this case plan b didn't need to happen as cpr saved a little boy. >>> patients are being contacted at johns hopkins and possibly the va for possibly contracting hepatitis. >>> tips on how to protect yourself and coniine freed is a protecter, he was on duty on the clouds on the deck of heaven. >> but the little boy who drowned six years ago was a safety net for another little boy who nearly drowned on saturday. cheryl conner with how a new law is in place. >> the law went into place less ethan a month ago providing another layer of protection around pools. >> watchful eyes at the waugh chapel swim club saved a life. a relaxing day at the pool turned into one amy davis won't forget. an 8-year-old boy was pulled from the deep end. >> t
is here with us now. what can we expect? >> it will be another hazy starts, where temperature shoots up rapidly, we are not looking at much rain early, but later in the afternoon, pop-up showers. an isolated shower tonight, yes, but the better chances come tomorrow afternoon and again thursday and friday afternoon we may get a brief dryout. still feels like nearly 90 in ann arbor, all the way to frederick, and the humidity is so thick you can cut it with a knife. hot and humid tomorrow. >>> i want to show you the front cover of the next sports illustrated. it reads "we were penn state." tonight, penn state says it will pay the $60 million final from the ncaa over five years, $12 million a year, that is one of the crushing sanctions they announced today. they stripped penn state of 20 football scholarships a year for the next four years and also penn state accepted the ruling, they will not appeal, and this all comes after a report that showed the university covered up sexual abuse at the hands of football coach jerry sandusky. the sanctions are getting a mixed review with some congratul
. >>> now abc 2news. >> another steamy night but will saturday storms bring us a possible cooldown in the weekend forecast coming up. >> and new details on a local man police say was ready to commit a mass shotting like the one in colorado last week. >> all these -- i got them all for free. >> so many free things with coupon but a popular program is dividing dedicated clippers. the news starts right now. >> we start in townsend. a great night for families out in the circle live music from the band uncle jack and just plenty of dancing, people having a good time. will the weather hold out for the weekend? that's the key. wyatt here and hopefully we will get a break from the heat. it was steamy today. >> you can cut it with a knife. they are getting the parry in townsend. we saw that. hey, good times there, good times at hartford county for the farm, the yearly farm fair there as well. bottom line is it continues to be extremely human. steamy condition, numbers just below 90 now in baltimore. it is a hot, humid friday night overnight. we will see temperatures in to the mid70's o
system organizing over the lake this is going to come at us in the form of a cold front. one of a model that house the severe weather and indicates a high risk for storms. we will detail the forecast. >> thank you. tonight a community came together saying hope will prevail. they say they don't be defined by the abilities of one man. >> and tonight officials for the victims are being remembered as fathers and mothers, children and friends. >> the president went to the area to meet with the survivors and words of encouragement. brandy has the latest on tonight's gathering. >> heart break and sadness, as thousands gathered to remember the 12 people killed in friday's shooting. . >> one day lord we know that our city will march back into that theater and we will claim that theater back father god because it doesn't belong to terrorists, it belongs to the city >> reporter: the president spent two hours with the victim's families and tried to comfort the community. >> i confessed to them that words are always not enough in these situations. >> reporter: during this time abc news has vid
hurricane impact didn't give us the usual three to four days of hurricane warning. >> reporter: he said he won't be satisfied with the response until power in every home is restored. angela won't be staying in her home tonight. she has family in the area with power. she is worried about her neighbors who aren't so lucky. >> it's incompetent and the process is being handalled. seven days to me is not acceptable. >> reporter: tonight take down this number. you may need it, friends may needt. it's for the maryland insurance administration. you can imagine, insurance companies are swamped with calls for claims tonight. if you can't get through to your company you with call that number and still get the process started. we have the numbers on the website. abc live many baltimore. >> thank you. we know it's frustrating but the power company is making progress. with no prestorm preparations they tackled a massive number of outages and it looks like they have the lights on close to a half million people but still we have 200,000 in the dark but they are working on it. power is persona
. >> reporter: how much gas or diesel fuel they have used to power the generators overall that time. but tonight even the state public utility watchdog is preaching patience saying it is too early to blame bge for storm response now taking more than 6 days. >> reporter: when the dog thinks it's hot outside imagine what it's like inside. >> i can save my food with the generator and have fans but it's miserable. >> reporter: when the power went off friday she figured it might last a day or two. >> i never ever thought of going into the 7th night. no. >> reporter: same sorry across the street at toby taylor's house he and his wife calling bge every day. >> we have four people in the house, two diabetics and one with ms and one kneesed a c pack machine and they keep saying we are pushing you towards the top of the list. >> reporter: still nothing. maryland public service commission oversees the publicutilities including bge and the head of the pse held a news conference and is not criticizing utilities response yet. >> no one is happy until all the power is back on. but we don't at this point have t
model. . >> reporter: he is using his role and leaning on his past when he said he dealt with poverty and adverse ty. he spoke about his younger sister who was picked ronde and how he set his mom straight. >> the girl -- you know threw a rock and hit her in the eye. first thing my mom said was -- she wanted to go -- let my sister go take care of it. just -- you know if you do that one time maybe she won't bother you. i said no that's not right. >> reporter: he encourages parents and their kids to report, and speaking of family he wrapped his arms around the parents and sisters of grace, who at just 15 committed suicide on easter sunday. >> like i hope you die and go kill yourself, they said that to my sister. can't get away from that. >> reporter: her family said the student was bullied online for about a year. they knew it and reported to police and the school. >> take it seriously, don't expect them to ignore it and that it'll go go away. that was our immediately early on just don't pay attention. >> reporter: grace's parents want to change the protocol in schools so that the vic
is no longer a problem. it will be beyond the 80s today but could it bring us stormy weather, hopefully not a repeat of last year. we will check in were for a -- >> there will be a few storms. most of it is south of us. that's where the big heat remains. you can see highs in the 90s south of us. we were in the 80s at bwi. 70s in western maryland including western pennsylvania so a big shift in temperatures today. the heatway officially broken today. clouds rolling in tonight but very limited activity on the radar. it is all toward virginia beach, maybe the lower eastern shore. 86 possibility of an isolated storm. we will talk about how things trend coming up. >>> well, tonight thousands of citizens are going to sleep without the same level of fire protection they had last night. two truck companies have officially disbanded. we will go live where both of those companies responded to a huge fire just last month. what are people saying? >> yeah, kelly. this was the big fire where the smoke went all take a look, the all boarded up. all three of the truck companies on the chopping black res
the accusations happened. >> outside right now. take a look at scheme putting on a show for us. lots of lightning. >> lots of thunder and then the wind and then it started raining. . >> massive outages, 6100 here. can't see us right now. no power. should we face a sleepless night? >> wyatt has a look at the forecast. >> we have been tracking big storm line all evening and are starting to see most of it over the chesapeake so the eastern shore still have to watch the storms but we are starting to see improvement on the western shore shore. let's look at the radar. detailed look where the storms are. you can see them tracking to the east. we are getting clearing around baltimore and townsend. . back down through the extreme eastern edge of baltimore. now moving over the chesapeake, perryville starting to clear. the heaviest rain now going to concentrate from cecil south into kent. we are already seeing good improvement. we have seen the continuation of flash flood warnings across hartford, baltimore and carroll because of the extremely heavy rain that fell in such a short period of time. the ru
check us. we have never fed steroids or hormones and never will. no blood meal, no meat and bone meal. yuck. no animal by-products. it means when you put my chicken on the table, you know where it came from. . >>> day number nine of this heat wave and could the tenth day bring record breaking temperatures? the forecast coming up. >> high temperatures, small alleys and trees down. getting the power back opponent coming up. >> i have been racing money for many years for nonprofits. i have never seen it growing entrees. >> how are some charities making millions without isn'ting anything? we investigate, the news at 11 starts right now. >>> it's always hot down in ocean city but i'm talking about heat not the fun. look at this photography. not a lot of people on the beach because of the heat. thousands of people trying to soak up the sun, many were just trying to beat the heat. temperatures continue to soar and it'll be hotter tomorrow. wyatt has the latest on how you can watch people bake in front of your ice, i guess its time to figure out ways to beat the heat. >> i almost say stea
's heart, too many times, what they're about to tell us. >>> if you find he was not quite himself tonight, there may be a very good reason. >>> storms knocked out power to 2000 people. that's nothing compared to how many folks lost power a couple of weeks ago, but the big question is should we brace for more. >> meteorologist mike masco here now. >> let's take you back to 7:40 this evening. there's the storm in question that knocked out power in the air. and it crossed over and headed right for the forest hill airport and ran right into rising sun and into wilmington and caused issues in northern delaware, and the storms are moving out of here. the shot downtown is looking good. not only did we see severe weather but look at this in west virginia, impressive shot on facebook, 77 in town, look at the 90s. it's still 90 in st. louis. that heat is on the way and more on the 7-day forecast in just a minute. >>> an update on breaking news, search crews are in the water in the dish river near about we are dean, the weather is -- abeldeen, and authorities say they still don't know if the person
. the class in pasadena is back on campus. a reunion to remember the former principal. >> he brought us love, peace, kindness. >> reporter: they say going to his office wasn't so scary. >> it didn't matter what you had done, what trouble you could have gotten into, my mouth in my case, he would just sit me down knowing was another reason i was mouthing off, it was because something was going on at home. >> reporter: 31 years later and they still remember him. police say he was murdered, last week his body found in a canal with a bag over his head and duct tape covering his mouth. patty weaver said a lesson given down by him is still on the chalk board. >> use your words wisely and they will stay with you forever which they have and i have said that to my daughter and sons. >> reporter: two teens were arrested a few days after the body was found. they confessed to beating, binding gagging the principal. money is a possible motive. >> if they would have asked he would have given it to him. >> reporter: a spokesman said he worked for the school system for 1961 until 1989. he was the first pr
. >> the president has made clear he's not going to use this event to push for new gun laws. i agree. >> gun sales have jumped sharply in colorado in the three days following the massacre, background checks went up 41% compared to the week before. the alleged shooter james holmes will be formally charged next week. prosecutors say they may seek the death penalty. larry jacobs abc new york. >> dc comics released a statement saying it it might be perceived as insensitive after the massacre, the series writer grant morrison says it has grim imagery that seems inappropriate and one specific scene was too close for comfort, the issue is being delayed until august 2nd august 2nd. >> changes are coming to our own state gun laws. right now you have to show a "good and substantial reason for requesting a permit to carry "but today a federal judge lift add stay on his ruling that a portion of our state gun permit law is unconstitutional so that means in two weeks the restrictions to carry will be relaxed. the attorney general's office plans to file an appeal on this. >>> new tonight very smart people in how
be celebrating the the 4th anyway that that's what's keeping us sane is we can economies rate with each other and -- commiserate with each other. their generator is powering a large fan to keep the porch cool five days after the storm. >> they have to move the trees and do anything. >> reporter: bge truck is here but that's to keep people away from the mess. this storm brought down this huge tree which ripped down power lines and bent power poles along compass road in middle river. >> the biggest problem is knowing the tree was not on our property, and it was on property that has not been maintained. >> reporter: online property records confirm the wooded area behind the homes is owned by baltimore county. residents say they complained for years but the trees have not been trimmed back. >> we have had this problem before. trees crashed down from the wood and last time it fell on my neighbor's house this time mine. >> reporter: after hurricane irene they lost four for five days and this store -- last power for five days and this storm is going to leave its mark. >> it's five days and every mor
, use other routes to get around here. part of lombard, it's no easy task. >> reporter: get used to that sound. traffic officers helping cars and trucks get through some of the busiest intersections and get around this section light street. the one with the gaping hole in it. it's closed and one lane of lombard. >> it'll take time to get together so -- we hope for a quick turn around. >> reporter: that's the plan but in this case the near future will be three weeks. >> frustrating,. >> reporter: they say crews have to replace the 20-inch main that broke yesterday along with a ten inch main that runs parallel to it. >> we are going to remove the lines and replace them with new lines so once we go in, we can close the road and not have to come back again. >> reporter: i decided to take a drive along fayette street. it runs east to west through downtown transportation officials are asking people not to block the box. a lot of them didn't get the message. >> that was more than ten minutes to get from president street. >> reporter: this is the other route. i spent a lot of time go
?aocshortly after 6:00 zyj opened up on ;Ñ5uus once again. heavy downpours and ybhigh wind closures throughout much of downtown baltimore harbor east and bells point. then it turned into a river, i÷f and bells point. then it turned into a river, i÷f too much y-uf)í?ñfy+,páerfalliy fast. at the hilton, got a big ;p+ surprise when the water was too (m7axw" to clear out why hotel staff cleaned up the mess. alabama firefighter billy hays saw the h4Ñceiling come crashing on -- &>ubÑgxahuhcome crashing >> you ;y5yheard the &yceiling, sÑcome crashing water pouring everywhere and it started flooding the lobby. oiÑsom respond ç÷-cto. to respond to. >> john hop skins. heavy rain collected in hospital's ambulance bay. and then just mentioned we're d rolling through tonight. ñjust missed that. 1(2Ñstand here about 10 second you're going to pp this rave of storm rolling "lwdkwe'll what's happening tonight. let's see how it's going to effect your day and your commute. for now we're outside the abc2  news studio. >>> new at 11:00 tonight there's four hylkwal-mart stor© hartford county. there. >
a grid here. this problem going north south. your best way in and out is using roads that go east and west. that means you will hit the streets of fayette and baltimore, saratoga, lexington and mullberry and take them on your way in and out tomorrow. if you are south of the break your choice is eastern avenue, on the other side you should be okay. we have had plenty of driving practice, what happens when the city shuts down. you are going to need help in the morning so lauren cook will be your source starting at 4:30. she will have the latest road troubles and cures to get you to work on time with the time saver traffic report. we are on first before anyone else so you will be first and quick with the information that you need. >>> this reminds us of what happened a few blocks away at the corner of howard, 11 years ago this wednesday the howard street tunnel fire and water main break that shut city down for almost a week. couldn't get to work, businesses were shut down, couldn't park in the garages, even the orioles had to cancel three games. even though the streets water logged n
and they were not installed today. police promise to tell us before they are started so we can tell you. >>> and wells fargo will have to pay 7 million to baltimore. its part of a settlement over accusations it targeted minorities. they will pay the city 4.5 million to help people buy and renovate homes >>> it's a chilling call from a mother watching her daughter's car speed out of control. >> my god. my god. what do i do? >> the call ending with an accident that killed a 17-year- old girl. tonight we are taking you under the hood of that car to show you what may have led to that tragic accident. we reveal new details putting pressure on a major car maker. >> i just didn't think. i wish i could see her again. >> ryan beams as he talks about his daughter sage. >> today is my birthday. >> she loved going to church. she went to the youth group and cared for people. >> reporter: she was an arizona high school junior, her first car a force especially cape, ryan checked it. >> she was like thank you daddy, thank you daddy, thank you daddy. so i -- that -- that hurts. >> reporter: janua
in the area this evening. so the big question is it still raining? meteorologist way cat joins us now with a look at what's going on. i see a little spotty action on the radar behind you. >> spotty showers beginning to fizzle out but it was rain that's welcome. we are still several inches behind where we should be rain fall wise. so showers diminishing now, yes but we had descent ones early. clouds holding tough. the main weather continues to be if states to the south, carolina down through georgia, tons of rain and thunderstorm action tonight here. pretty quiet with temperatures around 80 still. so it is a warm, humid evening. into the 80s some spots could hit 90. you want to know the temperature hour by hour right where you live you can find it, down load the weather an ask find the hour by hour forecast information right there for baltimore and beyond. all the neighborhoods in maryland. check it out online. >>> new developments tonight on a story. a prostitution ring. abc 2 news christian shaffer is live with more on that story tonight. chris? >> the fbi coordinated with city polic
is mainly used as a camp. you rarely see swimmers but you do on south beach and that section safe. sandy place tested weekly during the summer, high bacteria count could be because of water temperature, water fowl and rainfall. >> it's getting bigger on monument street. that sink hole the city has been working on is growing. someplaces will have their water turned off . make sure everybody is safe. that will take about a week. >> close call in locust point ended with a thousand people evacuated today. a contractor was working on the 1100 block when they struck a gas main. employees in under armor, children and adults at a daycare -- were evacuated while they got things under control. it was stopped around one and everybody was able to go back home safely. no lingering gas. >>> and from gas leaks to grande prix construction, construction starts tonight on that two mile race course running through downtown baltimore. mostly along the harbor and camden. the company designing the track said they will work sections, the grande prix happens labor day weekend and tickets are already on sale.
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24